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Living in God's Economy

Author Mary Sharon Moore writes from a Christian perspective about God's economy which "is an ecomomy of Justice, equality, respect for the human person, and the created order."  This is in contrast to the  so called developed world's economy "which demands that people and creation be at the service of endless economic expansion."

This is an excellent resource book for Christian households, small groups, and simpicity circles to discuss and covenant together to live in more Christ centered ways.  As Moore writes in the introduction in her practical guide to Christ Centered households in tough econmoic times,  "Living in God's Economy  is partly about living more simply at home, on the earth, and in the world.  More importantly, it addresses issues of economic and social justice--topics that have always been dear to God's heart--so that these issues can become dear to our hearts, formost in our minds
, and motivators in the the social, economic, and eviromental choices we make."  

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